About us

The farm is located on 777 hectares of fertile land in Kapeeka in Nakaseke district, Uganda.


The Model Farm is owned and operated by a private company; Great Lakes Agriculture Development Ltd. (GLAD). The company is registered with the Uganda Registration Service Bureau. GLAD Ltd. has obtained an investment certificate from the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).


The founder and general manager of GLADfarm is Bent Ronsen.


  • Founder and former director of the Norwegian humanitarian foundation Christian Relief Network (1993 to 2008).
  • 15 years experience managing projects in the Great Lakes region (Uganda, DR Congo, Rwanda) with a turnover of more than UDS 30 million.
  • 20 years farming experience in Norway. Owned and operated 560 DA farm specializing in seed production and livestock breeding.
  • Imported the first Limousine cattle to Norway in cooperation with Fellesslakteriet (Norwegian Meat Cooperative, later Nortura BA)

Three business areas planned

  • Plant production
  • Cash crops
  • Feed for beef production
  • Beef production
  • Beef cattle for breeding
  • Beef cattle for abattoir
  • Semen and embryo
  • Service provision
  • Storage and Milling
  • Food processing
  • Trials and testing
  • Training & Advisory Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Machine Station

Contact info

Tel: +256 789 650 995


Email: contact@gladfarm.com

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